Frequently Asked

I am a DJ, how do I get started?

If you are a DJ and would like to create a profile on One28, please head to to download One28-DJ and get started!

Is One28 Free?

Yes. One28 Song Requests is a free way for DJs and Venues to maximize engagement and interact with partygoers like never before. We simply take a small commission on transactions.

I am a Venue, how do I get started?

Please reach out to one of our team members that will help you set up your venue profile. Contact us.

In the meantime, tell your DJs about One28 and that you would like them to start using it. Each DJ at your venue will need the app and have their own account!

Does One28 require partygoers to download an App?

No! Our goal is to provide an extremely simple product that ensures easy access for everyone. This means no download or sign up required for partygoers, simply scan to request a song in 3 clicks!

Is One28 available in every country?

We currently are able to operate in all countries within Stripe's coverage. See a full list of countries here.

If your region is not supported by Stripe, rest assured, we are actively working on alternative payment options for your region. Please stay tuned and follow our Instagram for updates.

What forms of payment are used?

For DJs and Venues, you must link a bank account or debit card to receive funds.

For partygoers, we currently offer 2 methods of payment: ApplePay and Credit Card. We are working on providing additional payment methods for partygoers.

Contact us

The best way to contact our team is through Instagram DM or via email If you have a pressing question or concern, you can also call us. Contact us